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Jewelry Details & Care


We strive to use high-quality, premium materials in our pieces. We use a mixture of gold-filled, gold plated and sterling silver components in order to keep our pieces affordable- yet able to keep up with your lifestyle and last for years.

 Materials we use: 

- Gold-filled, which means the entire piece or component is fully gold, and will be stated in the product’s details.

- 14Kt gold plating over silver and can be treated like gold jewelry. Earrings are 18k gold plated. All materials will be stated in the product’s description.

- 14Kt gold plating over silver, this is as gentle on skin as solid gold jewelry.

- Silver-plated brass, this is strong enough to keep it's luster & color.

- The majority of our items use a plating of Sterling Silver, a thin layer that creates a gossamer layer. 



Jewelry can be polished from time to time to keep it's luster.

Brass components will become more antiqued as time goes on, this is the nature of brass and can be polished with brass cleaning supplies.

To enjoy your pieces for as long as possible, follow our guidance below:

  • Keep jewelry away from water. Do not shower, bath, or swim with the jewelry on.
  • Think of your pieces like glasses and take them off when around water.
  • Remove before working out or exercising, sweat can cause pieces to tarnish faster.
  • Put your pieces on last as lotions, makeup, hair spray or perfume can cause tarnishing. 



Jewelry pieces that are Sterling Silver require special care to keep them in their best condition and last for a long time. Sterling Silver tarnishes as a result of the reaction between oxygen and sulfur present in the air, this means it's real silver as a result. This can easily be maintained with the guidance below:

  • Keep in a dry place out of the sun when not in use 
  • Avoid direct sunlight, remove when at the beach or pool
  • Sulfur-rich substances in household cleaning products like chlorinated water or cleaning sprays can cause the silver to tarnish faster
  • Take off when working out & put on pieces last after lotion, perfume, hair spray or makeup. 
  • To keep up the the shine or remove tarnish, apply a small amount of jewelry cleaner on a soft cloth and run the piece through it several times. Rinse the piece in warm water, blot and dry with a polishing cloth

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