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Jewelry Details & Care


We strive to use high-quality, premium materials in our pieces. We use a mixture of gold-filled, gold plated and sterling silver components in order to keep our pieces affordable- yet last for years.


  • 18Kt gold plating over sterling silver and can be treated like gold jewelry.
  • 14Kt gold plating over sterling silver, this is as gentle on skin as solid gold jewelry.
  • 925 Sterling Silver. Chosen for its beautiful 
  • Stainless Steel. Used for its durability to withstand day to day activities, hypoallergenic properties, , as well as its low maintenance routine as it does not require as much upkeep as real gold and silver. 

Stainless Steel & Sterling Silver differences:
Sterling Silver - The elegant choice. Comprised of around 90-92% of pure silver. Renowned for its shine and luster. As pure silver, Sterling Silver is impervious to corrosion but its surface may tarnish when exposed to air and thus must be polished from time to time to keep its shine. It is a valuable metal that can be passed down for generations. 
Stainless Steel - The durable choice. A mixture of iron, chromium and nickel. This material does not tarnish easily and has a durability that allows for corrosion resistance and an ability to not tarnish.


Our stainless steel pieces can be showered with, exposed to water, or exercised in with no issues. Our Sterling Silver pieces are pure silver and while you can shower, expose them to water, or exercise in them, over time this will cause them to darken or tarnish faster so we recommend not doing often.  

To enjoy your pieces for as long as possible, follow our guidance below:

  • Keep jewelry away from water. Do not shower, bath, or swim with the jewelry on.
  • Think of your pieces like glasses and take them off when around water.
  • Remove before working out or exercising, sweat can cause pieces to tarnish faster.
  • Put your pieces on last as lotions, makeup, hair spray or perfume can cause tarnishing. 


It is best to care for Sterling Silver and 14kt Gold pieces often and polish them from time to time to keep their shine and luster.

Brass components will become more antiqued as time goes on, this is the nature of brass and can be polished with brass cleaning supplies.



Sterling Silver is a precious, valuable metal. It is renowned for its shine and luster as well as its value. Jewelry pieces that are Sterling Silver require special care to keep them in their best condition and last for generations. Pure silver tarnishes as a result of the reaction between oxygen and sulfur present in the air, this means it's real silver as a result. It can also be darkened by fingerprints and this can easily be maintained with the guidance below:

  • Most importantly, polish pieces from time to time to remove dark spots or tarnish
  • To keep up the the shine or remove tarnish, apply a small amount of jewelry cleaner on a soft cloth and run the piece through it several times. Rinse the piece in warm water, blot and dry with a polishing cloth
  • Keep in a dry place out of the sun when not in use 
  • Avoid direct sunlight, remove when at the beach or pool
  • Sulfur-rich substances in household cleaning products like chlorinated water or cleaning sprays can cause the silver to tarnish faster
  • Take off when working out & put on pieces last after lotion, perfume, hair spray or makeup.

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